I’m Julie.

Born, raised, and currently living in Columbus, Ohio. I am a Buckeye, a Crew fan, and a foodie. I am an artist — I believe in and advocate for visual expression and empowerment through art. My hair is purple and my personality is yellow. I’m a pisces, which means I’m not just here to take your photo; I’m here to connect with you, relate to you, and spread love.

how long have i been shooting?

Technically speaking, as soon as I was old enough to use a camera. Being a photographer is what I’ve wanted for myself ever since I can remember. I’m 100% self-taught, but i’ve been learning my entire life! I got my first DSLR at age 14, and started shooting professionally by the time I graduated high school. After getting a business degree from The Ohio State University, I dove in to photography full time, shooting mostly portraits. I have since jumped into photographing concerts, events, and brand content around the city, including shooting on the sidelines for my favorite team: the Columbus Crew.

I would love to hangout at talk photos with you over coffee, beer, or food. Hit the “reach out” page and introduce yourself!